Certified Music Practitioner®
and Music Thanatologist

The Music for Healing & Transition Program™
The Music for Healing & Transition Program (MHTP) is a course of study that prepares a musician to create, with live, acoustic music, a healing environment that serves the ill, the dying and birthing, and for those who care for them. MHTP recognizes the benefits that music can bring to people encompassing all ages and disabilities.

Chalice of Repose Project ®
Music-Thanatology is a sub-specialty of palliative medicine for those patients who are on hospice care or actively dying. The goals of Music-Thanatologists are to provide relief of acute and physiological pain, interior suffering and support the patient, their family and loved ones.

“The prescriptive music reflects the constantly changing, dynamic physiological condition of the particular patient as evidenced by continually monitored vital signs and a body systems phenomenology”
Therese Schroeder-Sheker, Transitus-A Blessed Death in the Modern World, (St. Dunstan’s Press 2001) 16

I would like to personally thank Melinda Gardiner, RN, CMP and Kris Snyder, CMP for their unending support and love throughout the years of working with them at MHTP.

I am forever grateful and humbled by the scholarship, musicianship and loving care of Founder and Academic Dean of Chalice of Repose Project, Therese Schroeder-Sheker It is only with her vision and dedication to Music-Thanatology that enables each student to strive for excellence in musicianship, along with nurturing the depth of “beingness” so essential for the work as a musician-clinician. I thank you for reaffirming and supporting my gifts.

My heartfelt gratitude also extends to fellow-Faculty at Chalice of Repose Project, Linda Schneck and Sharon Murfin. Both are inspirations for excellence and artistry in the field of Music-Thanatology and in Harp and Voice and as fellow colleagues.


Thank you to all of my Teachers, past, present and future for you have made me a better person.

Ego sum aeternum cognita ~ I am forever learning

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